A Mystical Music-full Midlife Journey Through Oz

Midlife gets a dose of music and magic in this transformational take on Oz. Singer-songwriter Amy MacClain plays Dottie, stumbling along the faded brick road of life. She’s joined by a cast of re-imagined characters, all played by comic actor Molly Kittle. Be whisked away on a cyclone of laughter, introspection, and magic with original melodies, magical encounters, mystical revelations, and personal triumphs. A vibrant celebration of life's twists, turns, and the radiant possibilities awaiting all of us when we tap into consciousness, love, courage, and personal power. Emerge wiser and more inspired for your one precious life.

This August, After the Rainbow is headed to Scotland for the Fringe, the world's largest performance arts festival. It's a monumental step for us, and we're thrilled to share this journey with you.

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